Calm Ride: Essential Oils for Pets

Calm My Pet


Turn a STRESSFUL CAR RIDE into a CALM RIDE! Calming & easing motion sickness for your pet on any journey with essential oils. Comes with an Aroma-Disc to easily diffuse calm scent in the car. Calm Ride consists of the highest quality essential oils for pets.

Calming & easing stress and motion sickness for your pet on any journey.
*Use with CALM MY PET MUSIC & CALM MY STRESS spray for the best effect!

Calm RideTM is part of our CALM MY PET AROMATHERAPY Products. Comes with Aroma-Disc that can be diffused in a variety of places. It includes the highest quality therapeutic Aromatherapy (essential oil blend for pets) hand selected & formulated by Dr. Pamela Fisher.

Uses: Calm your Pet for car trips, vet visits, grooming and shows or anytime needed. 

Application: Shake well before use. Use 1 sprays on cork disc and attach to car vent near pet or place near crate. Or Spray/Mist lightly on pet’s blanket or in crate before and during travel in car. Can also be sprayed on bandana or collar. May be sprayed on hands and applied by gently stroking fur. Reapply as needed. Use sparingly on cats. This product can also be misted or diffused in the home. Can attach to: Lamp shade struts, Vertical blinds, Air purifiers, Central air vents, Humidifiers, Fan blades and any other place you can find to use the clip! May use it in an essential oil diffuser being sure to read if the diffuser has any restrictions.

Warning: Avoid eyes. Discontinue if any allergic reaction occurs, Keep disc/vent clip out of pet’s reach

Ingredients: Purified water, vegetable glycerin*, Proprietary Blend: Valeriana officinalis*, Zingiber officinale* Matricaria recutita*, Cymbopogon citratus* Therapeutic organic essential oils. Alcohol Free MADE IN USA *CERTIFIED ORGANIC

Product Size: 1fl oz (30ml) - approx 250 sprays/doses

Store in a cool, dry place away from electronics.

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