AN326 - Cancer--Cancerous or Benign growths of the Endocrine Glands i.e. specifically the Adrenal Glands causing Hypoadrenocortism

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  • Symptoms of hypoadrenocortism
  • Weakness, high blood pressure, stress
  • Adrenal hormones help regulate many processes
  • When this is an issue, the body is unable to regulate or control or maintain good health

Set of 9
1.  HAMPL CF-1 (326)  50ml drops

2.  HAMPL CF-2 (326)  50ml drops
3.  HAMPL Systemic Detox  50ml  *Herbs
4.  HAMPL Immune Mix  50ml  *Herbs
5.  HAMPL Magnesium liquid  50ml
6.  Vitamin C powder  125mg (sodium ascorbate)
7.  Electrolytes - Potassium & Sodium (small satchel)
8.  HAMPL Digestion Endocrine 326-8  50ml
9.  HAMPL HBP* 148  100ml  *High Blood Pressure

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