AN074 Diabetes Mellitus Type I & II - Dog or Cat Naturopathic Support

Holistic Animal Remedies (HAMPL)


  • Carbohydrate, metabolism, blood sugar balancing
  • Diabetes can be successfully supported, naturally
  • Usually an emotional component behind this
  • Balancing all the symptoms of the body

Set of 4
1.  HAMPL Diabetes 74-1  50ml (1.7 oz)

2.  HAMPL Emotional Balance 74-2  50ml
     Choose one of the Emotions Add to Cart in Comments

     A - Depression Balance
     B - Fear Balance
     C - Stress Balance
     D -Tension Balance
     E - Agitate Balance
3.  HAMPL Blood Sugar Balance  50ml

4.  HAMPL Pancreas Tonic herbs  100ml

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