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Savvy Holistic Health’s mission is to provide some of the best Holistic health products and resources available for Pets and their Parents. This has been a journey over decades of personal research and experiences from the age of 40 when I decided to lift weights and run long distance. As I watched and recorded everything I ate and became so physically fit I felt on top of the world, I started looking at my pet food. I researched and came up with making my own pet food; looking back later even though my pets were very healthy, I didn’t have that balance of ingredients quite right, which led me to the raw food diet. I’m a real advocate for a diet of balanced raw food--as close to their natural prey as possible.

After 25 years of a combined real estate and mortgage career, I moved from Las Vegas to Charlotte NC. When I couldn’t find my pets’ raw food diet, I decided I needed to open my own pet store, which became Pawtique Holistic Pet Shoppe. During the time of ownership I became a Certified Holistic Pet Chef, which took me over two years to complete. Over the next 11 years we added more and more holistic knowledge and resources to help those pet parents looking for a natural approach to their pet health. Their experiences became our experiences and many Customers came from all over for the nutrition, supplement and alternative remedy products and support we offered. When I received a great offer to buy my store, I knew it was time to move on and focus solely on the health of our pets; hence, Savvy Holistic Health aka Savvy Holistic Pet.

Our most exciting and best pet product line for alternative remedies is Holistic Animal Remedies products (HAMPL) out of Australia www.holisticanimalremedies.com The miracles we’ve seen from these homeopathic and herbal remedies are truly amazing. I’ve been selling these products out of Pawtique for the last 8-9 years and thru these experiences many Customers have started the journey to their own holistic health, which is truly rewarding. The products I’m choosing to sell are in support of the HAMPL product line and complements both pet and human health.


  • Ms. Daffin,

    I would like to reorder the HAMPL Drawing out formula. Please send me an invoice if you have it in stock. Jake's epulis has improved greatly. I can send you photos via text if you are interested. One day he was scratching his face and something flew out of his mouth. It was one of the epulis tumors. The other one one the same side dissipated prior to that. His other ones are shrinking as well. I am very thankful to God for this miracle! Thank you for all your help!

    David D

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