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Calm My Digestion is a FAST-ACTING, UNSCENTED spray to support healthy weight or for occasional or chronic digestive concerns. Additional benefits can be seen with long term use. Calm My Digestion is organic, unscented, alcohol-free, and glycerin-free.

Uses:  Daily misting can help support occassional or chronic digestive concerns, and healthy weight. 

Application:   Shake before use. For first application, spray on hand then gently stroke on back several times daily or as often as needed. Use liberally. Alternatively, hold spray approximately 8 inches away from your pet misting lightly over your pet’s back areas 2-4 times a day. 


Vibrationally Charged Spring Water infused with:

Flower of Life - an ancient energetic symbol of Life associated with physical and emotional healing

Reiki Energy –a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes physical healing and emotional well-being

Orange Calcite – appetite stimulant; enhances digestion and optimism/confidence

Rhodocrosite – relieves abdominal discomfort, obesity; elevates mood

Blue Topaz - improves digestion and assimilation of nutrients

Apatite – helps with eating disorders and metabolism, hormone balance

Flourite - eases stomach problems and eating disorders

Calendula officinalis- supports digestive and skin health

Achillea millefolium var. rubra - emotional sponge effect

Cosmos bipinnatus- helps speak and act from our hearts with greater honesty, clarity, power, confidence

*Your pet will only absorb the healing properties it needs

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